Monday, 29 July 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! Day #8: Quick! 15 Bullet Points About Things That Appeal to You on Blogs

Day #8...
Challenge #8: 15 Quick Bullet Points about Things that Appeal to Us on Blogs:
1. A catchy or interesting blog name

2. An inviting home page

3. A page dedicated to a review archive of every review the blog has done

4. A decent number of reviews for the amount of time the blog has been running (active)

5. A variety of authors read/reviewed

6. A side bar that shows interest to different series/authors and shows the different book blogging activities they participate in

7. Having a variety of posts, not only reviews

8. Not favouring only one or two particular authors or publishing companies, but supporting many or at least a slightly larger variety

9. When the blogger obviously reads a decent variety of genres, it shows that they are well read and you can trust their opinions

10. A page dedicated to links to author/character interviews and guest posts that the blog has conducted for easy access

11. A blog that isn't too cluttered but set out nicely, in a non-confusing way

12. When a blogger shows somewhere on the sidebar what they are currently reading, it's really nice to see and is definitely a feature that my co-blogger and I have been meaning to add for a long time (it will be added as soon as life slows down a bit, which should be by late November)

13. When the reviews don't only give a vague recap on the events of a novels but spin the description in a non-spoilery new light AND actually give opinions about aspects of the novel

14. When a blogger doesn't particularly like a series but they do not outright spurn it or at least give real, reasonable fully explained reasons for not liking the novel

15. When a blogger shows the books that they've bought or received for review. I think it's most appealing when a blogger shows what ARCs they have received and actually follow up with a review of the ARC

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