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TORMENTING LILA by Sarah Alderson

Book #2.5 in the Lila series
Publiction date: July 1st, 2013
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Date read: September 28th, 2013
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal
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Format: Ebook
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When Lila and Alex sneak off for a romantic weekend away, Lila’s hoping she’ll finally have a chance to work on Alex’s resolve.

But just as things start heating up news reaches them of a serial killer at loose on the island and it isn’t long before their intimate weekend away is interrupted.

A mind reader, a projector, a protective older brother and a serial killer. One of them is going to find Lila first. She's hoping it's the serial killer.


Tormenting Lila is about Lila and Alex attempting to get away for a little while, for a bit of romantic alone time but, alas, they still don't have much luck. Whether it be an over protective older brother or a serial killer, one will interrupt them...

A very short story, Tormenting Lila is a quick fix for any and all Lila series addicts who after missing the characters after the end of Losing Lila. You get a nice insight into what the characters have been up to , and are like, after the events of Losing Lila.

I LOVE Suki, she is so completely hilarious, Nate is such a cutie, and Alex, well he's just plain sexy. Lila is her typical self, awesome as ever, as is Jack.

Written as superbly as ever, the only thing I wish was different with Tormenting Lila, was that it was longer - I totally need more of these characters, they 100% hook you.

Another interesting thing about Tormenting Lila is that it also that it gives readers a taste of another of Sarah Alderson's novels and the characters within it, that novel is The Sound, which is intriguing and I definitely something I am dying to read.

Anything by Sarah Alderson is a must-read!

"Now I was older and theoretically more mature"

I rate Tormenting Lila Three and a Half out of Five!

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