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Publication date: 1989
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Number of Pages: 78
Date read: March 27th 2006
Genre: Children, Magic, Fantasy, Humour
Source: Bought 

(Description source: Goodreads)

Whatever happened to school?

  Scott and his friends are simply staying alive in year 5 until their surprising new teacher, Mr Murlin, comes along.

Boring textbooks go into the bin, eating chocolate in class becomes compulsory and suddenly it's OK to be weird.

But Mr Murlin is not popular with everyone...


Staying Alive in Year 5 is such a fun, easy-going read that I love to pick up for a nice reminiscent time and a good laugh. 

It follows Scott and his friends as they go into year 5 with all its trials and tribulations as well as plenty of mischief and mayhem.

From the second that the quirky Mr. Murlin walks through their classroom door, everyone in there can sense that something is going to be VERY different this year. And they're correct! 

Before too long all the textbooks have been thrown away and students are sitting under desks for English tasks, writing about different aspects of life. Scott learns to deal with his new school life, as well as balancing his personal, family life as well as learning how to live with the surprises, especially the ones that his new, weird and whacky teacher presents. 

When magic seems to seep from inside the desks and teachers know what colour your underwear will be on the first day, you know that it will certainly be a year that will not be forgotten for many years to come.

This odd but magical book really transports readers back to year 5 and to a world of innocence and trivial concerns, full of laughter and practical jokes. This short book successfully captures the aspects of a year 5 and turns it into a fun ride for everyone to have, filled with light- hearted  magic and humour.

"Mr Murlin continued, ‘Eating chocolate in class is not only desirable, it is compulsory. Other things that are compulsory are laughing at the teacher’s jokes, day-dreaming, and watching ‘Neighbours’ on TV. There will be a test every Monday morning on ‘Neighbours’; those who fail will be pinned to the noticeboard by their ears."

I rate Staying Alive in Year 5 Four out of Five!

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