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DIVIDED SOULS by Gabriella Poole

Book Three in the Darke Academy series
Publication date: August 5th 2010
Publisher: Hoddor and Stroughton
Number of Pages: 320
Date read: September 1st 2010
Genre: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance
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(Description source: Goodreads)

The Darke Academy is now in Istanbul, and wherever the Academy goes, death is never far behind.

 Death has followed the Darke Academy to the ancient city of Istanbul, where an unseen hunter is on the loose. 

Scholarship girl Cassie Bell is fascinated by the city's beauty, but there's no time for her to relax. 

Torn between an old flame and a new romance, she must also choose between the select world of the Few and her loyalty towards her best friends—and all the time a killer is stalking the Few.

As Cassie is about to discover, no one is above suspicion. Sometimes, the people you love can be the most dangerous enemies of all.


"Cassie knew how much Isabella loved Jake. She knew her friend’s ferocious, burning loyalty, and how violently she defended those she loved; it was just that she’d never been on the receiving end before.

But there was more. Isabella was hiding something."

Divided Souls is a gripping and superb continuation of the Darke Academy series!
Set in the largest, most historic and exciting city of Istanbul, Turkey it follows scolarship girl, Cassie, on the thrilling adventure  of a lifetime. I

n the end of her first term at the Darke Academy she was implanted with a donor's soul against her will but the ceremony was interuppted part way through and now she is trapped as being part 'few' for the rest of her life. Being stuck with another bitchy and VERY opinionated woman inside your head isn't easy and even becomming overly attractive and gaining powerful connections often can't compensate for the frustrating Estelle.

This is Cassie's third term at the academy and with her best friend Isabella by her side, she can take on anything, except facing her brooding yet charming and breath-taking ex boyfriend Ranjit Singh that is.

Gabriella Poole continues to take you on the roller-coaster journey and certainly keeps everything interesting. She opens in a really enticing way that I really enjoyed, it left me wanting to see why the characters were in the position in which they were.
From the first few opening scenes I reconnected with the characters immediately, it was as though being reunited with old friends.

The style in which the Darke Academy series is written is one that I enjoy reading, it is easy to become absorbed in the world along with the characters and the setting is both vivid and exciting.

The story line that Divided Souls follows isn't one that I found to be too Cliched in many aspects, not all, just many. The classic love triangle-esque aspect was, I thought, tastefully done and didn't drag on for too long. The love interests were handled in a tasteful and quite delicate way, which did not enter into being irritating or slutty (cheating) in any way. 

If any characters annoy me from this novel it is Isabella's, I know and fully understand how unique and difficult her situation is but she really makes NO effort to fit in or to stop complaining so much about her situation. I adore Richard!! His personality is original and he is a genuinely likable character of which I cannot help but be fond of and feel sorry for. He is sweet and genuinely concerned about those that he cares about and would walk through burning fire for them.

I really found Divided Souls to be a great novel and will begin Lost Spirits ASAP

"Single and ready to tingle.
Cassie burst into laughter. ‘Mingle!’
Isabella grinned. ‘Deliberate mistake.’
‘Freudian slip, more like!'

I rate Divided Souls Four out of Five!

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