Friday 1 February 2013

Conspiracy 365 Black Ops Trilogy by Gabrielle Lord

Conspiracy 365 Black Ops Trilogy Book One: Missing

This book comes out today and I'm am so excited to get it, I love the entire C365 series by Gabrielle Lord and highly (like 100%) recommend it to everyone!!!
Here is the awesome cover and description:
**Do not read if you haven't at least read books #1 - #12 in the series**

Ryan has disappeared, and Cal's suspicions are raised when he receives a cryptic message: 90days.

Cal agrees to work as an undercover gent for SI-6 to find the whereabouts of his twin. But at an island getaway for troubled teens, Cal quickly discovers that things are not as they seem. With secret hideouts, underground training camps, dangerous clues and treacherous terrain, Cal has to face his most heart-stopping challenge yet. Will he find Ryan? Or will his first secret mission turn deadly?

The clock is ticking. Any second could be his last.

Callum Ormond has been warned.

He has 90 days.

The countdown has begun...

-description from Scholastic

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