Monday, 8 April 2013

Cover Reveal: Milayna

Milayna by Michelle Pickett

Everyone needs to be bad once in a while. But for seventeen-year-old Milayna, being good isn't a choice--it's a job requirement. And it's a job she can't quit. Born a demi-angel, Milayna steps in when danger and demons threaten the people around her, but being half-angel isn't all halos and happiness. Azazel, Hell's Angel, wants Milayna's power, and he'll do anything to get it. But he only has until her eighteenth birthday, after which she becomes untouchable.
With the help of other demi-angels, Milayna thwarts the trouble Azazel sends her way. Fighting with her is Chay, a demi-angel who's sinfully gorgeous, and Milayna falls hard. But is Chay her true love... or her nemesis in disguise?

Because when she learns of a traitor in her group, there's no one she can trust... not even the one she loves. 


Milayna is set to release March 11th, 2014 in both paperback and ebook formats, and is being published by Spencer Hill Press. Personally, I can't wait to read Milayna, despite the fact that the release is a fair while away. Though in the meantime Michelle will be releasing her dystopian novel Pods, which also happens to sound incredible!

What do you think of Milayna's cover and description? 
Sound and look enticing? I think so (I mean check out that demi-angel!)!

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  1. Thank you so much for helping me with the cover reveal and spreading the word about Milayna. I know it is a long way away, but I promise you that it isn't your "typical" story about angels/devils and Milayna and Chay are a fun couple :)

    Michelle :)
    Author, PODs available June 4th
    Milayna available March 11, 2014
    The Infected, a PODs novel available November 2014
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