Friday 7 September 2012


Stalked By Death (Touch of Death #2) by Kelly Hashway

Jodi knows that any slip-ups made by the Ophi--a special group of necromancers born under the 13th sign of the zodiac--will fall on her shoulders... and that Hades is just waiting for them to screw up so he can wipe out the Ophi line.

When the only Ophi Jodi can convince to come to the school and train with her is a gorgeous guy named Chase, it spells more than trouble for Jodi and Alex. Her mixed emotions for both guys send her powers surging out of control, and she begins raising the dead without even meaning to. Jodi doesn't want to lose Alex, but Chase is offering her something Alex can't. His very touch enhances her powers, making her stronger than any Ophi ever has been--maybe even powerful enough to stop Hades from threatening them all. But Chase's offering comes with a huge price. One that may cost Jodi everything she has.

Jodi needs to figure things out fast--because death is stalking her at every turn.

Book One: Touch of Death

Jodi Marshall isn’t sure how she went from normal teenager to walking disaster. One minute she’s in her junior year of high school, spending time with her amazing boyfriend and her best friend. The next she’s being stalked by some guy no one seems to know.

After the stranger, Alex, reveals himself, Jodi learns he’s not a normal teenager and neither is she. With a kiss that kills and a touch that brings the dead back to life, Jodi discovers she’s part of a branch of necromancers born under the 13th sign of the zodiac, Ophiuchus. A branch of necromancers that are descendents of Medusa. A branch of necromancers with poisoned blood writhing in their veins.

Jodi’s deadly to the living and even more deadly to the deceased. She has to leave her old, normal life behind before she hurts the people she loves. As if that isn’t difficult enough, Jodi discovers she’s the chosen one who has to save the rest of her kind from perishing at the hands of Hades. If she can’t figure out how to control her power, history will repeat itself, and her race will become extinct.
Touch of Death comes out in January 2013, while the sequel Stalked by Death will be released on July 23rd, 2013 in paperback and ebook formats. This series is being published by Spencer Hill Press.
Both coverss look incredible, kind of slightly haunting and the description sounds amazing... I've only read the description for Touch of Death, since I'm hoping to read it... don't want to ruin the sequel for myself  :)
How do you like the sound of this series? Are you going to put Touch of Death and Stalked by Death on your To-Read List?


  1. Thanks so much for hosting a cover reveal! And I'm really glad you like the cover.

    1. No problem :) Congratulations on Touch of Death!
      I can't wait to read it!

  2. OMG! LOVE IT!
    I am so excited for this series!!
    Congrats on the awesome cover Kelly!