Friday 26 October 2012

Cover Reveal: BLOOD BOUND

Blood Bound by Keshia Swaim

Starting college a year early is hard. Starting fae college and learning to protect the world from the Unseelie is harder.
   Brielle Reed has always been an over-achiever, but this time she may have bitten off more than she can chew. Between her crash course in fae politics, struggles to control her new mind-reading ability, training sessions with the demanding Dr. Schwartz, and discoveries about the father who is still a mystery to her, Brielle finds herself longing for a chance at a normal life.
   But she may not get that chance. Or chance at a life at all, for that matter.


Blood Bound will be released on the 10th of September 2013, in both paperback and ebook formats. I really like the description for this book, I haven't really read many fae books so this really intrigues me. I will definitely be checking Blood Bound out!

Yes, there are two covers for Blood Bound. And it's up to you to vote for which one you like best!

You can vote here:

Personally, I like the cover on the right best, there's just more to it, but both are great :)
Though I think it would be cool if the covers were combined, with the girl on the front and the hand on the back of the cover, though that is just my personal opinion.

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