Thursday 27 December 2012

My Top Ten Covers of 2012

I decided to do a quick post to highlight some incredible book covers. The covers I have selected here are ones that have either been revealed this year, or the book has been published this year.
Here are my favourite book covers from this year:

 .10. Losing Lila

This cover is really eye-catching and bright, it has a great colour scheme that follows perfectly on from the cover of Hunting Lila, plus it is so accurate to the story: showing Lila running. The thing that I love most about this cover is that the title is over the top of the side-mirror of a motorbike, and if you've read this series, you know who that bike is representative of.... Alex! 

The Selection .9.

This cover is gorgeous, the colours really stand out, especially the pink, and the layout of the cover is perfect.  The dresses  are so pretty and gorgeous and I love how the tiara sits above the title. This cover is just so pretty, it really draws you into really wanting to read it.

.8. Fury  

This cover looks as ethereal as its main character! The colour scheme is really quite stark, with really bright at the same time, and with the way the character is looking forward, it seems really promising for the story. It matches perfectly with the rest of the books in the series (which is a big deal to me).Also, it's not shown here, but the way the back of the girls dress fans out over the back cover is so, so beautiful. Plus, who can get past that title font!

Bitter Blood .7.

This cover is both elegant and sinister and is, as all Morganville Vampires covers are, gorgeous! The girl on the front cover is  styled in a slightly old fashioned way, and definitely a dark way. I love that she has a darkly intense expression and looks deep in thought as Claire often is.

.6. Dearly, Beloved

This cover clearly shows that the cover model has a distinct old fashioned style to her. She is definitely elegant in the way she is looking. The designs around the edge create such an intricate framework for the cover, the set out just simply works perfectly all up, as well as in conjunction with the story.

Darkest Minds .5.

This cover shows a real play on colours, the cover models faces shows a real contrast of light and shadows, with the coloured embellishment positioned well , over the temple, to really back up the "Minds" part of the title.The background colours are another source of contrast put together to frame the face in a kind of relief. The girls' expression really works to draw you in, wanting to read the novel just to decipher that look.

.4. Mind Games

This cover is both simple and complex, the main face is simple in the fact that the expression is obviously daring, while all the background images adding a real complexity that could be seen as being slightly creepy. They are like puzzle pieces being fitted together to make something whole. The colours are beautiful and also incredibly mysterious, with the shading adding a darkness, an eerie feeling.

Opal .3.

This cover is dark, mysterious and utterly gorgeous. The cover model are beautiful and fit the descriptions of the two main characters perfectly. One of the most amazing parts of this cover is the nearly completely translucent figure in the background looking on - the Arum. It's creepy  and incredibly intriguing all at once and really makes this cover amazing. Plus, the colour theme of this cover matches the gemstone that the book is named after.

.2.The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf

This cover is dangerous, intense, beautiful, dark and haunting all at once, I absolutely love it!. It's so captivating and is originally what drew me to reading this novel, even before I read the blurb. It is, also, such an appropriate cover for the story and has a real wild aspect to it. It is simply incredible!

Apollyon .1.

This cover is just SO damn gorgeous. It's like the flower has justburst to life out of the darkness, smouldering in spite of the background, the way it stands out is amazing. I love how there are sparks coming off of the ends of some of the petals. 
This cover  works so perfectly with the rest of the cover in the book series and really what else can you expect from a JLA book cover, they are all always simply magnificent!

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