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Publication date: December 31st 1989
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Number of Pages:155
Date read: July 3rd 2008
Genre: Young Adult, Realistic Fiction
Source: Bought 

(Description source: Goodreads)

Maybe deep down every kid knows his parents want him to be the Pride of the School, the Captain of Cricket and Tennis and Rowing and Darts and Knitting and anything else that's going down.
They don't want to know about the fact that you've had more detentions than any other new student in the history of the school, that you're going out with a girl who doesn't wear a bra to PE, that the Head Swimming Coach is some kind of Nazi whose last job was training the shark in Jaws.

Erle Gatenby has been sent to boarding school to straighten out, but there's about as much chance of that happening as there is of his giving up smoking... or drinking... or falling through the Art Room roof.

Erle's a full tank of petrol... and wild, sexy Melanie Tozer is about to light the match.

Erle Gatenby has been kicked out of his previous school and now must attend Linley boarding school, it isn't ridiculously strict but Erle loves to push the boundaries and do things his own way, which probably isn't always the best way to go about things at times. 
But his strong personality and persistence stands him in good stead to make new friends and enemies alike and gives him the courage to pursue the gorgeously stunning Melanie Tozer. 

By either his wits or just plain old good luck, Erle lands the girl and finds a heart- warming and strong bond with Melanie that makes him happy for once and fills him with a desire to be the best that he can be. Their passionate, adoring love is gorgeous and through the downfalls of everyday life they are the light in each others lives to keep going. 

This quick and enticing novel is hard to adjust to at first, with what I found to be a strange writing style and use of language (I'm not sure whether it is due to my gender or the time in which it was written). But I soon adjusted to it and really came to like both Erle and Melanie, amongst others, at characters.

I will warn that for younger readers there is a risque (sexual) scene or two as well as Young Adult themes (and references) and to read at your own rick/ maturity and to please be aware of this. I know that this particular book is not to everyone's taste but I really enjoyed The Great Gatenby and found it to be witty as well as serious in places. 
"Everyone gazed at the girl, who was sitting on the arm of a chair in the middle of the room. Her parents were red with humiliation. The girl stared right back at the Housemaster. I fell in love with her on the spot."

I rate The Great Gatenby Four out of Five!

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