Monday, 28 October 2013

Blog Tour: CATCH by Michelle D. Argyle

Publication date: September 20th, 2013
Publisher: MDA Books
Number of pages: 80
Date read: October, 2013
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Source: ARC from Itching For Books Tours
Format: Ebook
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**Catch is a novella. It will take most readers 1 or 2 hours to read.**

When eighteen-year-old Miranda chases a purse snatcher on the Las Vegas Strip, the last thing she expects is for the pursuit to turn into an extended game of hide-and-seek. 

All Miranda wants are the old black and white photographs buried at the bottom of her purse. They’re the only things she has left of the grandmother she never knew. 

But how much is she willing to put on the line to save them? 
And is it possible she’s falling in love with a thief?


Catch is such an amazing story. 

Miranda thought her trip to Vegas with her family would be beyond boring...
At least until her purse was stolen and she decided to chase the thief. The chase soon escalates into a game of hide and seek, a game Miranda has to play if she hopes to retrieve the only photos her family has left of her grandmother.

But this game of hide and seek is nothing like Miranda expected, what if this thief ends up stealing more than just her purse?

Miranda is protective, daring and relatable, while her thief is gorgeous and mysterious.
This novella is an easy and very quick read, building the characters and the plot quickly but also believably.

This story focuses on the positives of taking a risk every now and then, the realisation of exactly what family means and how important it is, and in freedom and self-actualisation.

I loved the character dynamics and how the story progressed - it was gripping to begin with, that was shortly before it became addictive. Definitely a one-sitting read that everyone should pick up, light and heartfelt, Catch is a story you just can't go wrong with.

Seriously, take some time out of your schedule, it doesn't have to be much (this is a novella), and read this cute and catching story - you won't regret it!


I rate Catch Five out of Five!


About the Author
Michelle lives and writes in Utah, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. She adores cheese, chocolate, sushi, and lots of ethnic food, and loves to read and write books in the time she grabs between her sword-wielding husband and energetic daughter. She believes a simple life is the best life. Michelle writes contemporary Young Adult and New Adult fiction (and other genres when she feels like it). 

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  1. Thanks for the fantastic review and for participating! <3

  2. Oh, and can I just say that your line here: "But this game of hide and seek is nothing like Miranda expected, what if this thief ends up stealing more than just her purse?" ... Brilliant! Love, love, love. So glad you enjoyed! :)

  3. I read CATCH several weeks ago and absolutely LOVED it!