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Blog Tour: Lila Shortcuts - Character Interview with Lila!

Short Stories set in the Hunting Lila world
Publication date: October 1st, 2013
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Number of pages: 128
Genre: Young Adult, Short Stories, Romance
Format: Ebook
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Five compelling new short stories based in the world of HUNTING LILA.
Told from the perspectives of Alex, Jack, Demos, Amber and Suki - fans of this thrilling series now have a chance to delve into the minds of other characters, and see what they really think!


This is an amazing compilation of 5 short stories set in the Lila series world and told from the view points of some of our favourite secondary characters - Alex, Jack, Amber, Suki and Demos!
If you haven't read Hunting Lila and Losing Lila, please do yourself a favour and go buy yourself a copy now!
I've read Lila Shortcuts and all the stories are amazing and just what fans of Hunting Lila and Losing Lila need! Now, I'm lucky enough to be on the blog tour for the release Lila Shortcuts, and here today I have an interview with Lila to share with you. 

**Please be aware that this interview does contain spoiler to do with the series**

Without further adieu, here is Lila's interview: 

Hi Lila, how have things been going since the events of Tormenting Lila? Settling down a bit?

-You could say that. Things are definitely less crazy. I'm about to start my senior year at school. And Alex is going back to college. Things are good. :)

Have you finally had a proper date with Alex? And, if so, what was it like?

Yes! We kind of had a date when we were sailing in Mexico. He arranged this sunset picnic on a deserted beach. White sand, fresh lobster, coconuts. All laid out on a rug. Let's just say the lobster got lonely.

Can you describe your dream date with Alex (I'm guessing it doesn't include his resolve)? 

Well it's going to be hard to beat the deserted beach. I like just doing the normal stuff, ordering pizza, curling up on the sofa, watching movies - the stuff that reminds me I'm normal.

So Lila, was the nurses outfit (from Losing Lila) ever put to a second use? Maybe working on Alex's resolve?
Now, that would be telling. I'm glad I kept it though!

A very important question, Lila is there anything you can tell us about Alex that we don't already know? Something juicy or secret?
I could tell you how amazing he is, but I think you already know. And I wouldn't share any of his secrets. 

How is everyone else? Jack and Amber? Suki? Nate? Have you seen Demos since the yacht?
Jack and Amber are great...considering. Best not to mention Sara's name though. Amber seems to be slowly getting better, smiling more. She and Jack spend a lot of time together. I don't think anything has happened yet but 'yet' is the word. Suki and Nate are living with Nate's grandma and they email and call me all the time. They're really not enjoying it. They keep getting dragged to church and Nate's grandma thinks that Suki is Nate's girlfriend which is amusing. Suki says there is no fashion for a hundred miles in any direction so she's going slowly mad. 
I haven't heard anything from Demos. But I sometimes get the feeling he's watching over me. I don't think he's disappeared for good.

Have you gone back to high school yet? 
Start next week.

How is it going with your powers (I mean, they are very impressive), have you made any new discoveries about what you can control?
Oh man, they're getting good. It's hard finding the time and space to really practice. It helped when it came to painting Alex's new house the other day. I didn't have to lift a brush, if you get what I mean. Alex won't let me practice on him which is annoying. 

Some quick questions:
Favourite book? The Hunger Games. I love Katniss. And also Wuthering Heights.
Favourite food? Sushi
Favourite place? Alex's bedroom.
Favourite colour? Blue
Favourite thing about Alex? His eyes, followed quickly by his hands.

Now Lila, is it possible for you to get Sarah to give us a sneak peak at the sexy scene she's written about you and Alex? Pretty please?
Hahaha - I can't believe she wrote that. It's sooooo private. No, I'm not sharing anything with you. Other than, you better be prepared.

Last question: can you give us a clue about what the future may hold?
No idea. I'm not a clairvoyant! 

Thanks Lila for stopping by :)

I hope everyone enjoyed the interview, and I am so grateful to Sarah for being able to be on this tour and interview Lila!

Now, if you haven't read Sarah's books you really, really should get on that fast, because your missing out on something beyond incredible! 

Here's a list of her novels:

Lila series:
#1 Hunting Lila
#2 Losing Lila
#2.5 Tormenting Lila
Lila Shortcuts

Fated trilogy:
#1 Fated
#2 Severed
#3 Shadowed

The Sound
Out of Control (yet to be released)

Enter to win a copy of Hunting Lila, Losing Lila or The Sound:

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