Saturday 27 July 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! Day #6: Describe How You Shop for Books

Day #6...
Challenge #6: Describe how you shop for books...
Online shopping: 
When I shop online, if it's the Book Depository, I search the names of authors I have read before to check for new books, or check out the names of authors I've heard a lot of buzz about. From there, I pick the cover that I like best and the format I want. On Amazon, I only buy ebooks, due to the costs of shipping to Australia, and, again, either search for new books by familiar authors, or go through all the suggestions.

In-store shopping:
Shopping in-store is so much fun. I actually way prefer physical copies of books to digital, you can't really get past the feel of a new book in your hands when you pick it up to buy and then get to open the pages for the first time. When shopping in-store, as per usual I will look for familiar authors, but I will also look out for something to catch my eye, maybe the colours or picture on the books' spine or the word of the title. Covers are quite important as they are what is supposed to give some kind of insight into what the novel is about and what the story will be like, plus a pretty cover doesn't hurt :) 
But really, it all comes to how the blurb describes the story as to whether or not I will actually take the book home to add to my shelves.

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