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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! Day #1: 15 Book Related Confessions

Found this while browsing blogs, thought I might join in for fun :) Hosted at Good Books and Good Wine
I will try to keep up with this challenge for the next 15 straight days, so make sure to keep checking back if you're interested in my answers :)

Challenge #1: 15 Book Related Confessions... here goes...

#1 I am obsessive compulsive about books, if I buy them new they have to be in perfect condition, and I let very few people touch or borrow my books for fear of them getting damaged or marked in any way. All of my books, if bought new, still look brand new. Dog-earring pages is a never, even creasing the spine the tiniest bit drives me nuts and I hate it when people needlessly open books way further than is necessary - it easily damages the novel.

#2 I need relatively fast paced novels, a slow paced novel or a novel where not much happens bores me beyond belief, I NEED things to happen!

#3 I have a bad habit of not being able to concentrate on only one thing at a time, so, as it so happens, I am probably still currently reading at least half a dozen novels. Even if I haven't picked up the book for months or even a couple of years, I can still remember, most of the time, exactly where I'm up to in each particular novel.

#4 I rarely find it necessary to reread a novel, I have a really good memory so that, as mentioned above, even if I haven't [picked up a novel in years, I can still remember at LEAST the basic story line and the characters. I started reading Inkspell by Cornelia Funke in 2009/2010, and though I stopped about halfway through (due to becoming extremely fed up with one of the characters), I still remember exactly where I was up to when I stopped reading it and could pick it up again at any time, if I really wanted to, and finish reading it.

#5 I am really not a fan of love-triangles, I find that there is always one person that the main character is meant to end up with, and the other person is just an annoying obstacle/plot device, it drives me insane to see a character going for the other person when it is more than obvious that it won't work out because it's not who their meant to be with.

#6 I can't stand characters who don't have any morals or go against their morals for no reason, other character traits that I absolutely HATE in a main character is vanity, selfishness, self-pity and a knack for placing blame upon ANYONE other than themselves. I always feel like throwing books in which the main character makes an absolutely stupid and easily avoidable mistake and dwells in self-pity only for other characters to immediately forgive them and reassure them of how great they are, blurrgghhhh!

#7 I collect books for sure, I have many shelves although I never feel as though I have enough books, there are still too many out there that I know about and have yet to buy, or have yet to learn of... the number of books I currenty own is approxiamately... 400, though this is counting omnibuses as only one book and does not include doubles, books I have yet to add to my shelves or any of my ebooks.

#8 I try to branch out to as many different kinds of books from as many different genres as possible. If I read one book by an author and really love it, I will make every effort possible to read every other one of that authors' novels, even if I just read a sample of the authors' writing and love, I will make that same effort. Example of authors like this are: Jennifer L Armentrout, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Ally Carter, Meg Cabot, Gabrielle Lord, Kelley Armstrong, Kiersten White, Sarah Alderson, Kate Kaynak, etc. Authors who have yet to write/publish a second novel but that the same effort apply to are: Kimberly Ann Miller, Ambelin Kwaymullina, Lisa Amowitz and Soman Chainani.
#9 I have been to book signings for Rachel Caine (that was the first book signing I ever went to!), Cassandra Clare, Becca Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Lim, Derek Landy and John Marsden. I also own about 29 signed books :)

#10 I may happen to slightly obsess over owning books in certain covers only. An example of this is the WICCA series by Cate Tiernan, there is only one set of covers for that series that I like and those happen to be the 2002 (I think) covers, the rest I cannot stand, so I searched for those versions of the series in every single book store I went into and shopped all over the net until I had found each of the 15 books in those matching covers that were in good condition.

#11 I really dislike "perfect" characters, to me they just don't seem real and don't make for having, in any way, realistic stories or issues. Flawed characters all the way, they are so much more relatable!

#12 I am actually not a fast reader, I just read a LOT!

#13 I started actually reading a substantial amount of books (as many as I could finish) when I was in Grade 4, so I was about 9 or 10 years old.

#14 I am not a fan of omnibuses, I prefer to own each book separately, especially since it makes it easier to find my favourite scenes in each story to reread over just that scene whenever I want.

#15 I will choose my own books to read over doing homework at least nine times out of ten, if not even more often :)

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