Sunday 28 July 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! Day #7: Talk About Your Book Blogging Quirks

Day #7...
Challenge #7: Talking about my book blogging quirks:
I tend to blog late at night, whereas my co-blogger is more for getting things done earlier in the day.

Being warm, usually by sitting infront of my heater, and comfortable is optimum for motivated blogging.

Everything on the blog has to be set out in a way that fits my personal logic. Links to books by the same author, and/or in the same series HAVE to be located together. 

My co-blogger and I co-operate and often consult each others opinions, especially if one of us is writing a review on a book that we have both read as we're able to bring different points to the table.

ARCs are prioritised when reading and reviewing. We also try to review every book in book series that we enjoy and review as many different books by as any different authors as possible to expand both our own reading experiences and our capabilities when it comes to recommending novels.

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