Friday 9 August 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! Day #14: Tell Us Your Deal Breakers

Day #14...
Challenge #14: My Deal Breakers Are:

If a book has had REALLY bad things said about it then I'll most likely steer clear of it, at least for a while.

Also novels where there is cheating or characters with multiple partners and little or no moral thought as well as to their actions. There can be sex, but there also HAS to be a story-line and it HAS to be realistic.

If the main character is obsessive or whiny it tends to grate on my nerves and when this is excessive it's definitely a deal breaker. The main character has to be assertive and kick-ass in some way or another, meaning no continuous self-pity, if self-pity continues beyond a paragraph and keeps on going and going, I WILL shut that novel and not pick it up again.

If the main character is described as being pretty much perfect and thinks so too, it's such a turn-off  - interesting, three-dimensional characters have flaws.

If a character is very, very thick and takes WAY TOO long to catch, whereas you the reader caught on 100 pages ago, it become deal breaking material, as does monotonous dialogue and overuse of repetition.

If a novel is too slow-paced it's a deal breaker, I need things to happen and at a relatively decent pace too, otherwise I'll just get bored and turn my attention to other books that actually capture it.

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