Sunday 18 August 2013


Book Two in The Alexanders series
Publication date: March 12th, 2013
Publisher: CrushStar Romance
Number of Pages: 300
Date read: August 18th, 2013
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Source: Bought
Format: Ebook

(Description source: Goodreads)

A bargain. A baby. A billion things can go wrong. 

Nicholas Alexander doesn’t mind being called a playboy. His charm serves him well in business and a beautiful woman is always on his arm. Except the one he’s in love with.

Raina Winters doesn’t believe in love, so when she’s dumped right before her wedding, she’s more upset about losing what she really wants from marriage. A baby.

When Nick learns about Raina’s dilemma, his first reaction is to leave her hanging like she left him after their steamy one-night stand. But he finally has something Raina needs, so he offers her a deal. He’ll give her a baby if she gives him something he desires just as much. 

Just two little words.

I. Do.


I delved into this IMMEDIATELY after finishing One More Day, I mean seriously, this novel tells the story of Raina and Nick trying to have a baby! How could I not dive into it?!

After their one night of pure sex months ago, Raina walked away from Nick as a means of keeping her heart intact and went after her ultimate goal: becoming a mother. But when her fiance leaves her, it seems like her dreams of ever having her own family are dashed, at least, until her twin sister Ridley interferes and lets Nick in on the situation. Nick, who has been dreaming about Raina for months and is determined to have her for himself, decided this is his chance to reel her in.

A proposition for the family she's always wanted is too good for Raina to pass up, even if she's unsure of putting her heart on the line, but Nick is determined to have all of her, will he win her heart?

Raina is a complex characters, she's a high profile model with some surprising vulnerabilities and it's just gorgeous to see Nick uncover these vulnerabilities and accept them. Raina rides an emotional roller-coaster all throughout the novel but it's really interesting to read her thought processes and see how she reacts and why.

Nick is quite the legendary playboy and his about to go completely against every rule of a playboy, he's about to try and settle down with the one woman who got away, the one woman he loves. Nick is sweet and absolutely sexy as hell! Ladies, who doesn't love a man who can cook? Besides, the instances when Raina attempts to cook are quitehilarious and the epitome of sweet!

The plot of The Things I Do For You is really quite different from that of One More Day, M. Malone has adapted her style to perfectly suit this different set of characters. The pacing is different and there is such an element of suspense as there was in book one, this novel focusing much more of the emotions and the relationship and the innermost feelings and insecurities of these characters.

I got through this novel in less then a day, completely loved it and am dying for the rest of this series, and this is one sexy and smouldering series that is absolutely not to be missed. I am hooked on these characters and their intertwining stories. One of my favourite aspects of this series? How each story contains glimpses that preview future novels :)

I rate The Things I Do for You Four and a Half out of Five!

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