Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Top Ten Tuesday! (#5) Top Ten Things That Make My Life as a Blogger/ Reader Easier

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This meme is all about list-making, with a new topic each week.

This weeks Topic:
Top Ten Things That Make My Life as a Blogger/ Reader Easier

#10. Facebook - A place where I talk with other book lovers and share news and reviews with them on my blog's page.

#9. Amazon - Amazing book deals and the only site I go for Ebooks.

#8. Book Depository - My favourite place for ordering print books and adding to my shelves. 

#7. Twitter - The place where I can post links, talk with publisher's and author and gain attention for my blog

#6. Goodreads - How would I have found as many AMAZING books as I have without a site like Goodreads?

#5. Author sites - Teasers, book info, and upcoming books and any other book news!

#4. Publisher sites - I get to find other books that they've published, and request review copies.

#3. Blogger -  Without Blogger (which I find easy enough to understand or fluke finding new features) where would my blog be?

#2. A decent internet connection - I can't blog or find out the latest book news without the internet

#1. A healthy bank account - A healthy bank account is necessary for buying books to read and review and spread the love about!


  1. I put a good internet connection on my list as well! ha ha!

  2. I skipped putting the internet on mine because it seemed to obvious. Being a city girl for my entire internet life, I forget that it's a luxury for a lot of people to have a really good internet connection.

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